Arts and Culture

St. John’s Institute provides an affordable housing solution to young people and others for whom stable housing is a challenge. The creation of SJI’s Centre for Arts and Culture within the Institute’s walls will allow it to serve more Edmontonians and Albertans in a well-rounded, multi-dimensional way by providing access to arts and culture exhibits, events, and workshops, to youth and other individuals transitioning into independent living.

A central prong of SJI’s Centre for Arts and Culture is the creation and delivery of programs and administrative/infrastructural support that will allow individuals and the communities from which they come (ethno-cultural and otherwise), the opportunity for self-expression and self-understanding. The SJI Centre for Art and Culture:

  • highlights, promotes, and emphasizes the Ukrainian contribution to art and culture in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada, and, in so doing, leads the way for artists and their publics from other cultures to learn about one another, and bring their art to the public
  • hosts workshops, artists’ lecture series, exhibits, arts walks, film events, and more
  • programs its spaces so as to allow for maximum exposure to the artists who work and live in these spaces (art sales, school group tours, etc.)
  • specializes in bringing comparative, explorative, and cross-cultural displays of art to the public
  • hosts educational and discussion panels to capitalize on the learning that will come from comparative and cross-cultural displays
  • provides low-cost gallery space for artists to exhibit their work
  • provides access to art and cultural activities for people (including SJI residents) who might otherwise not have the chance, or take the opportunity, to learn about the ways in which art contributes to healthy living

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